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Aquarium background ideas

So you’ve decided to put live plants in an aquarium, a good idea since they are of great benefit to the tank. They remove the nitrates and make the fish feel at home.

But where you put Aquarium background ideas ? Here are a few ways in which professional aquarist used to place plants that make the aquarium look more natural, and is visually appealing.


There are three places for your aquarium plants in the foreground (in front), middle and background. There are also specific plant species locations.

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Foreground plants

Type of plants you want in the Aquarium background ideas is basically short. These plants are resistant to the nature of the flow will increase due to the small. Foreground plants grow so high, which allows the center and back into the aquarium.

Plants that belong to this group needed strong sunlight, but is suitable for shallow tanks. These plants are those which can be used for carpets aquarium.

Plants that you should consider an aquarium in the foreground are the Java Moss, Grass Hair, Chain Sword and Banana lily.

Middle Ground Plants

Behind the front of the system is a halfway house plants. These plants are larger than the foreground plants you are placed in the aquarium, and gives a visual advantage. These are mainly used in large plants, stems of hidden in the Aquarium background ideas.

Some of the intermediate plants may want to consider a Flame Moss, Java Fern and Amazon Sword is just a few. You can also consider the background information on the use of plants in the middle. If you are behind the plants need to prune them more often to keep them short.

Background Plants

This is the highest you want your aquarium plants. They are primarily used to hide the device in its own tank, which the airlines own aerator, filter and heater.

These plants grow faster than any other plant and does not need as much light as the other plants in the aquarium.