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Bathroom pedestal sinks

Foot bathroom sinks come in different styles and designs to suit any bathroom. There are hundreds of ideas that you can do to create change in the bathroom. Pedestal wash hand basin behind the dramatic change that you’ve been looking for the Bathroom pedestal sinks.

It is an elegant pedestal sinks and vanities that you can match your shower curtain. You can also choose to use taps with unique design provides a modern pedestal sink or a vintage look.

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Here are some of pedestal sinks, which may be suitable for bathroom ideas:

Kohler D 2362-8 Cimarron ® toilet where the basic 8 “Centers:

The design solution Bathroom pedestal sinks is a modern bathroom design. The transitional period aesthetic ideal for small bathrooms, offering elegance with limited space or an unused corner. It is constructed of glazed porcelain and interior cover and a generous size of the pool. Stand sink is designed in such a way that water and drain pipes are hidden from view. There is an 8-inch Center Configuration of 22 ¾ inches high, 18 7/8-inch wide, and 34 ½ inches in depth. The complete package consists of K-2363-8 basin and toilet K-2364 lavatory legs ..

Standing Glazed Sinks in China, coat fee Petite:

You can maximize your bathroom space with this space-saving pedestal sink. Made of vitreous china material for premium durability and beauty, this hand-basin, bath and can accommodate small to save space. The backsplash protects the wall and prevents water spots and easy to install an open back. It uses a 4-inch cocks, which can complement both modern and vintage bathroom design and style.

This is easy to clean sink 19 355 model measures 19 inches wide, 33 inches high and 5 ¾ in depth. Back Splash height of 1 7/8. The purchase price is $ 149

American Standard Ravenna stand AS0268800WH Bathroom Sink – White:

This white pedestal sink is made of vitreous china. Model 0268.800 is the overarching goal of 24 inches high, 19 7/8 inches wide and 34 inches in depth. The entire length of the bowl is 19 3/8 inch 11 July / 8 inch to 6 inches. The sink hole drilled in the 8-inch and 4 inch center faucets. A hole in the model name of 0268.00. It sold for $ 178 ..

Baden Bath Sink Base:

The two-part solution to limited space in the bathroom, this Bathroom pedestal sinks includes a removable scratch resistant porcelain and polished chrome details on the overflow. Available in white, use this sink faucet a standard 6-inch and three holes for drainage by measuring 3 inches. A classic toilet, with a model number BS2002 at, are suitable for any bathroom decor.