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Crazy children playhouses

You may ask yourself: “How old is a small to do this sort of thing.” But the simple answer is, when they can be a tool in his hand, they are old enough with this type of Crazy children playhouses project. But when they got hold interest for long enough, more than 5 years of age is recommended.

Start small, Easy Plan

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Of course, a five year old does not understand all the points that must be taken to build a Crazy children playhouses or in a cabinet. They will lose interest if the project takes too long. Accordingly, the first design, it is better to work with low levels, which can be performed quickly.

If you do not have an indication of what to do with the children. Ask directly!
You’ll be surprised what they are proposing to build one! The most important thing is to try not to let your ideas or suggestions, share ideas and suggestions. Even if they believe something crazy, I’m trying to do it with them, and see if it works. They get a thrill out of that, you would do something so crazy, and that it was their idea.

Before you start your project Be sure to prepare the material Advance

This is especially true for working in very young children. It may be difficult to maintain the concentration of a long period. Therefore, preparing the work space, Crazy children playhouses.” You can make it much easier for you and your child, if you’re going to cut the three pieces in advance birdhouse or other small projects. As another example, pre-drilled holes in all of the necessary nails used in the project. This will save time and ease, if they are going to participate in the project stage. They really enjoy things, a picture of the finished product, so be sure to have a hand in the paint or latex paint, with a lot of brushes, as well.

Simple Plan, that many children will love

It is not necessary to keep the timber closed simple plans for children. The goal is to their interest and get them to want to build something, “carpenter shop” your home, and not drown them in it. All children are attracted to characters correctly?

Occupy a large project young children are 20 “x 20″ piece of plywood of approximately 1/4 “thick, and cut it into small, but with different shapes, square and / or triangles and are compatible with all of the puzzle. Since the piece of ½”, plywood, cardboard, and creates a small a wooden frame around the .. Now you can organize all the cut parts, which means different square and triangle shapes to produce the tray puzzle. The compartment has beautiful pieces. When it is finished, it’s time to paint the pieces. Children are pleased to paint a design on parts of the puzzle, which can be something of a house or an animal. Paint the tops and bottoms of pieces. You can also get them to paint parts of the puzzle tray, well, maybe all the same color and the inside of a box of different colors. Be sure to ask them what colors they want to paint. When the paint is completely dry, they may be confused with the parts and try to solve the puzzle on the tray. Children really enjoy this simple plan and they say they did everything themselves.