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Dining Room Buffet Party Hosting Tips

Dining room buffet party is a certain way to impress your family and colleagues alike. Without the formal setting of the usual dining arrangement, a buffet setting will enable you to entertain more guests than what you can usually do by sitting them into the dining table. The mingling of the guests is also more natural and casual. It is also proven to be less work for you as a host, because for the most part of the dining, the guests will be able to help themselves.

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Dining Room Buffet Preparation

For a dining room buffet party you should first decide on where the food will be arranged and where the guests will be sitting. You should plan on the dining room buffet décor too, although the decoration of a casual buffet party is usually extra simple to allow more room for the food. A centerpiece with a vase and an arrangement of flower would be enough. You can later use condiments or salt and pepper shakers as a part of the decoration. It will be great too if you can make the food as the decoration of the buffet as a whole.

The next thing to do for preparing your dining room buffet is to go shopping for food ingredients and items you don’t have. Buy the necessary items you will need according to your dining room buffet plans. Paper plates and plastic utensils are the most important, followed by the centerpiece if you don’t have any. Having a cleaning item like paper napkin would be helpful for the guests as well as your cleaning up duty.

Dining Room Buffet Arrangement

After the food is ready, arrange them on the buffet table. Arrange them in two lines will help the flow if you have a lot of guests, but a line of food will be enough for most parties. If you don’t have enough room in one table, arranging the dessert on another table is okay, too. Beverages should be put on the tables where the guests will sit, or put on a separate table for self-serving. Don’t forget to arrange some small tables for the guests to put the empty plates and glasses in. That is all you need to do, and make sure you do a final check around your dining room buffet before the party started.