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Famous modern buildings

Vienna is a city in Europe, which take your breath away. It is a magnificent multi-storey buildings of all types of architecture in the history of Europe. Select the Imperial palaces and churches of the opera houses and museums in the Austrian capital really so much to offer tourists who want to experience Vienna’s rich culture and history.

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It all started during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa and her son Joseph II, in 18 century, when the majestic buildings were built Famous modern buildings in the city. Two major figures in architecture, at the time Johann Lukas von Hildebrand and Josef Emanuel Fischer von Erlach.

In the second part 19 century, another great change took place in Vienna’s architecture. It was during this time, when the Emperor Franz Joseph I ordered the ring road should be reformed. Then the structure contained a baroque architecture courtesy of renowned architects Gottfried Semper and Karl von Hasenauer. The two men were responsible for the Famous modern buildings, and the State Opera House.

Art Deco was the beginning of 19 century. Known as Wiener Juqendstil language, is dominated by the Art Deco architecture of the pipeline system in Vienna, which is credited to Otto Wagner. Other works by Wagner, this is a majolica style house is located in Post Naschmarkt and savings banks in the first district. Secession Famous modern buildings is another example of art deco architecture, made by Joseph Maria Olbricht, a student Wagner.