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Glass wall design

At the end of the bent or curved glass block can make all the difference in creating soundly constructed a neat project. In this article you will learn some simple design tips for choosing the right shape of the shower unit, Glass wall design, window, or at the bar.

Planning Tip # 1 – When you use the bullnose ready to quit – for anyone, and glass shower or partition creates a more pleasant view than to the end of the end of the wall with a variety of materials. Finishing of glass units are good in the end wall and end of the size 3 – 6 “x 8″ x 4 “, 8″ x 8 “x 4″ and 8 “x 8″ x 3 1/8 “4″., A number of blocks You can purchase a variety of models clear, colored and frosted design. 6 “x 8″ x 4 “size works well with the curved walls of the glass jet had a limited depth of the shower. 3 1/8″ thick Mulia unit is well suited to reduce the cost of project applications, the right wall, since the thinner units are preferred.

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Planning Tip # 2 – When using a curved Glass wall design – Making the curved glass wall cost-effective manner is greatly simplified by the introduction of this type of device. As the face of a block of more interest than it is over, you can create a beam or a circular wall does not need to use large mortar joints in front and small rear. Curved Arques unit has a front surface, which is 6 “x 8″ x 4 “and each unit will be 1:22 ½-degree turn (ie if you use four of these devices, you can create a perfect 90 degree turn ). Blocks are available in two models, and many colored and matte models. the most popular use of curved walls is to go shower and walls.

Planning Tip # 3 – When you use a two-year unit – If you are looking to build a straight wall or in the shower half-wall, step-down design, all with double glass unit the most convenient way to do this show. These blocks are only available in 8 “x 8″ x 4 “size DECORA, Wave, and iceberg lettuce Icescapes patterns. Sure if you are planning a stepped walls, stairs plans 8″ x 8 “size. It is colored, frosted and etched choice to choose well.

Design Tip # 4 – When you use the corner of Glass wall design Products – If you make a living room with a bar, a lamp post or a wall-jet-effective way to make a 90 degree turn is a short distance with the angle of the device. These devices are 8 “tall and measures 6″ from side to side and comes in 2 different designs and different colors, etched and frosted design. It is usually the bar is set to 5 points higher on the wall, we stop at 40 “(when you put on top will end up with about 42″ top).

Design Tip # 5 – When using a 45 degree angle block – corner unit can make a 45 degree bend about 2 ½ “these blocks shower wall limited depth, glass block arch window, or columns of the hexagonal structure Available in 2 designs -. . They can also be accented with colors and frosty patterns.