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Green modern lamps

Designer Tejo Remy is hot and so is his lighting design. Dutch designer, Droog, many designed by Remy around the world, providing the modern lighting crowd an artistic experience in counseling excellence. Always focused on the permeable boundaries of sustainable design, Remy proves that recycled everyday materials can actually look forward to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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Famed Milk Bottle light Remy relies simply feeling 50′s-era nostalgia. This wonderful product can be manipulated in different lighting solutions. Able to change the perspective in which they are used, these lights are so charm and inspire personal living areas. Single Green modern lamps hang independently, casts a subtle glow. Droog Milk Bottle Chandelier is a collection of twelve of each bottle pendants, combined with an unusual lamp. The chandelier work best in rooms that reflect the shape, mainly in the corridors, dining area and kitchen islands.

It is a global designers, this year, “Touch of Green”, which was held in Milan, said Remy functional and modern design of one of the most popular lighting design. Founded in 1993, Droog has offered many innovative green ideas that will bring the views of the award-winning design to the public a practical and simple solutions, find the brightest and best designers, artists and engineers.

As the design collective Green modern lamps, Droog cranes professional talent with other talented young designers such as Rody Grauman. Selected for inclusion in Droog’s first design-hotel was a collection of Grauman -85 Lamps Chandelier was also chosen as the permanent collection of MoMA as testament to the ingenuity of its design, economy of form and minimalist aesthetics. Contains a simplified set of 85 individual 15-watt light bulbs and a bunch of black wires and sockets, the collective impact of these simple incandescent light show spectacular. Green modern lamps Used in many museums, this timeless piece is also a very modern addition, a living room and dining room with its glory.

Its a great experience of environmental and industrial projects, another renowned designer, Arian Brekveld help Droog Droog Soft lighting in accordance with the hanging lamp. Brekveld of flexible PVC to turn a seemingly traditional lamp a safe and modern soft object, never simulate what most of us think of plastic. Formulated in an elegant world, in which case the material away to guess what his material.