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Halloween decoration ideas

Here are some ideas for Halloween decoration ideas, which can be used indoors or outdoors. Decorations such as these were popular in the 1940s, and many are still prevalent today.

The traditional and easy to prepare an outdoor decoration made autumn leaves (real or fake), corn stalks from a local farmer and go back to Jack O’Lantern around the base. Corn stalks can be attached to a porch support beam, a light pole or shepherds hook, which will take place during the summer flowers.

Halloween decoration ideas design Halloween decoration ideas   Halloween decoration ideas Halloween decoration ideas   Halloween decoration Halloween decoration ideas

Another traditional Halloween decoration ideas is the jack o ‘lanterns. Put them in groups, line them up a fence, porch railings, and walkways and along the driveway. Candles, containers of alcohol and salt were popular Halloween. Add the blue Christmas lights provide an eerie light.

In light silhouettes / cuttings of black and / or orange construction paper hung on the windows and walls create a neat effect. Some elements also draw witches, pumpkins, cats, bats, goblins, elves, spiders, owls, pans, broomsticks or pointy hats. Search the Internet numbers can be printed and traced. You can also create your own unique lamp shades Halloween. Use a stiff orange and black paper to cut, such as Jack-o’-lanterns, witches, cats and other popular Halloween symbols.

Popular Halloween decoration ideas were created in different fruits and vegetables. Apples, turnips and carrots can be cut grotesque faces and show their own or used to hold candles. You can also create a Halloween goblins fruit and vegetables. Use Jack O’Lantern for the head. The body is smaller pumpkins and carrots used in the arms and legs attached to the frame wire.

What Halloween is not ghosts? Jack O’Lantern use of the head, which is mounted in a vertical position in the message. To spread a white sheet or tablecloth from the column. You can then mount / stake out the ends of the sheet, or just a few meters to allow a sheet blowing in the wind.

Any flavor of Halloween golf is, you may find that some of these vintage Halloween decoration ideas can be ideal for your own haunted house this Halloween.