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House above the tree

Build a House above the tree requires good planning. There are many questions to consider before you start building. One of the most important issues is safety. It does not matter if the tree house is for adults or children. The fact is that a poorly built structure may collapse at any time. The following are other considerations may include:

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  • Consider the size of the house.
  • Do you want to, it is a children’s playground?
  • If a tree house is a kind of living adjustment?
  • Is there a single tree structure of the house?
  • Consider whether the tree house to be easily visible
  • If the main purpose of the bird or animal watching, keep the angle of doors and windows
  • Consider the height of the tree house to the ground.
  • Most likely you are going to use the house in summer. You certainly will consider the direction of the sun at different times.

A wooden tree house is one of the most common. House above the tree can be a stable and easily if carefully selected. To start the whole process of construction of the tree, select the strongest one fixed and parallel branches. Ask an expert to determine the suitability of a viable farm to your trees. Hiring a professional builder, if you do not know how to do it right. Assuming that you have the design set, perform the following steps:

1) Construct platform: platform is certainly strong. Construction of a system that will help you complete the remaining wooden structure. Nail two or more sheets of wood than two legs, which grow in close proximity. Ensure that the base is flat and does not vary.

2) Floors: Most of the plywood floor of the house because it is lightweight and strong. If it is difficult to affix on the floor of the timber, no. Just take your time to do it on the ground and slide it up the tree secure it in place. You’ll find the idea useful when you are building a large house. If you make a tinier wooden floor of the house to assemble on the stage.

3) Roof: You must always think of safety rules. The House above the tree roof can be made very lightweight materials. Its main function is to prevent rain leaks. Some people like thatched roofs. To think seriously weight of the roof. You have several options to choose from.

4) Windows and doors: Perspex glass is normally used to make the house through the windows. The reason for this is to avoid a sudden failure of a joint on a standard glass windows. Some people just leave one door and windows. When you want to spend the night in a tree house, you may consider good doors and windows.