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Indian Bathroom Designs

Indian bathroom designs are designs of bathroom that will make you feel like in India even you are not. India is a very unique country where you can find anything special and ethnical. If you had visit India before, I’m sure that you want to visit more. If you don’t visit there yet, I bet you want. So, this is a good idea to remake the bathroom inspired by Indian architecture.

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Indian Bathroom Designs: Decoration Design

Indian bathroom designs are underlined the details. For Indian bathroom decor, choose the stone for bathroom wall. Stone will give the artistic and novel look. The natural stone is better. Don’t forget to add some accessories that coming from India. You can buy at the souvenir shop or you can ask your friends who would be going in India. For your inspirations, put the special statue that common in India, in the bathroom. Put it near your basin or bathtub. The lights design is need to be considered. Choose the unique lamp design like star or another shape. The engraving mirror can be placed on the powder room. The unique of the crafted mirror will give more Indian ambience.

Indian Bathroom Designs: Stone Material Based

As mention before, natural stone is good for Indian bathroom designs. The stone has many varieties, such as: granite, marble, limestone, sandstones, quartzite and slate. Either natural stone can be used as wall or floor. Natural stone which has tile pattern is gaining popularity these days. It is good to pick them and make the bathroom as Indian bathroom tiles. The stone can be used for sink, basin, tub, vanity counter top.

Even your bathroom has Indian designs, you don’t need to worry about some mistakes that usually happened in bathroom designs. The stone has some positive sides. The natural stone has long durability, non-slippery, waterproof, and also beautiful. An Indian bathroom design is a good choice to design your personal bathroom.