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Japanese Bathrooms Ideas

Japanese Bathrooms are designed not only for taking a bath, but also to being relaxed at the end of the day. Commonly, there are two rooms in this design: the entrance room and the bathing room. The entrance room usually is a sink equipped room that is using to undress. The bathing room completes with a bath up and a shower. The Japanese bathrooms toilet is usually in the separate room.

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Japanese Bathrooms for bathing in Japanese Style

The first supposed to do when bathing in Japanese style is wash your body gently with a washbasin outside the bath tubs, then entering the tub for soaking. The water in the bath is warm and usually hotter than common standard for western. Afterwards with soap you can clean your body. You have to make sure that there are no soap get into the bath water. For a final soaking, enter the bath tub once more after you finished cleaning and have washed all your body with soap. Then the water has to left after finishing in the bath up for the next person who will use the bathroom. It is to keep the bath water clean. In the modern Japanese bathrooms, with program it automatically, the tub can be filled with preferred temperature and time.

Japanese Bathrooms with modern toilet

Japanese Bathrooms are famous with Japanese bathrooms toilet. In Japan it is common as washlet or super toilet in English. It is the sophisticated toilet ever in worldwide. With seven functions, the modern toilet was introduced first time in 1997. In Japan, most of private homes have this modern toilet. At first glance the toilet looks like a common Western-style toilet with adding by some automatically computer program and feature. For instance, wireless control panel, the water jet adjustments, automatic lid opening, massage options, blow dryer, automatic flushing, seat heating, air conditioning for the room and room heating. Do you prefer in sophisticated and clean bathroom? The best answer is Japanese Bathrooms.