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Japanese Spa for Relaxation

Japanese Spa today becomes the favorite place for people to get some relaxation. Not only in Japan, there are some places that provide this kind of spa, such as: Japanese Spa Zen, Japanese Spa Nyc.. It also usually called as Onsen in Japan. Traditional Onsen is public outdoor bathroom for both men and women. In addition, today they are separated each other, either only for men or women.

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Japanese Spa Facilities

Onsen water must contain at least one of chemical elements from 19 designated; in addition include metabolic acid and radon. The temperature used is 25 °C or warmer ahead of being reheated. They are still provided waters stratification of different temperatures. Most of onsen resort hotels often provide many feature of artificial waterfalls and Japanese spa theme baths in their bathing area which well known as utaseyu.

Etiquette in Japanese Spa

When coming to Japanese Spa, there are some etiquette that the bathers have to be considered, such as: bathers have to ensuring that they have wash their body and it is already clean before coming to the hot water bath, ring small towel could help as a wash clothes and can be used after exiting the hot water and coming to the changing room because swim suit is not common to use in Onsen.

The hot water as the public area is good place to being socialize in a relax situation. People usually need some relaxation by enjoying their body with washing or today spa. In addition they could feel good in a relax conversation with friends. This is that’s why some spa become the favorite place to get relax besides some cafe. A good spa place provides a nature situation with a good service. Some places to being relaxed with a clean and good natural view surrounding. Are you being relax by washing your body with hot water? Then Japanese Spa is the good answer for you.