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Kids bedroom paint ideas

Most children like her bedroom to reflect your own personality and interests. After a little imagination and some paint box only son of the room can be transformed into your own site. Do anything to surprise her – but it’s nice to get ideas and feedback for residents.

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Theme Boys’ Room

A popular way to make the Kids bedroom paint ideas has a theme according to their interests and passions. What is the son of a favorite destination or activity is probably an issue that can supplement it. At the risk of gender roles, popular choices in connection with cars, trains, cowboys, marine themes, outdoors, outer space, and sports. Especially if you have the budget, it is important to choose a theme, is to ensure that the basic features of the theme can be achieved by paint.

Expression of room theme with painting almost nothing, but to choose an appropriate color scheme (maybe a sports team’s colors) and rebuild the theme-related topics. At the other extreme is to create a full-illusion. If your son is adamant he wants to live in a tree house, you can paint all four walls and ceiling to create the fantasy with accessories provide the finishing. Faux brick (single stencils) You can leave a Kids bedroom paint ideas in the castle or a trompe l’oeil windows, the appearance of a ship cabin.

Imaginative ways to use paint theme rooms are legion. Of the young car fanatic might feel road markings painted on the floor or faux tire tracks stenciled on the walls. You do not need to stick to murals or borders, pictures of cars. If the theme is the Wild West, or castle, you can use faux painting techniques to simulate a distressed or antique look. Metallic paint can be simulated chrome, copper and metallic properties suitable topic.

Remember, choosing a theme kid rooms, children’s feelings be short-lived, and you do not want to be upgraded when the fad passes.

Choice of color and paint

Theme Kids bedroom paint ideas often invite special, colors and treatments. If you are not going to a theme, consider the color scheme does not appear dirty, that many little boys seem to attract. Washable, durable coating is recommended for an active boy’s room.