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Kids Decoration Ideas

If you have a project to decorate kids’ room, you should choose the best one of kids decoration ideas then. There are numerous ideas for that as well. However, you need to think about whether the place is supportive the idea or not. Besides that, you need to choose what theme that you are going to adopt for the project. Among many themes offered in the market, cartoon figure will be the best idea to apply. In this article, you will get two instances of kids decoration ideas 2012 with cartoon figure.

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Kids Decoration Ideas with Sponge Bob

If you are looking for an idea for the project of kids decoration ideas, Sponge Bob will be the best alternative ever. Why is it so? It is because the cartoon is cute. Your kids must love that. The dominant color is yellow in which it is representative for kids’ cheerfulness. You can paint he wall with white. Then, give yellow shade for the decoration. You can also paint Sponge Bob figure with his friends on the wall. Those will make your funny decoration ideas adorable.

Kids Decoration Ideas with Rapunzel

Sponge Bob is able to be applied in both girl’s and boy’s room. If the project is addressed to a girl’s room, you need a good girly theme then. What is the theme you are able to choose? Well, you can choose Rapunzel for kids decoration ideas. Pink will be a perfect color to dominate the room. Nonetheless, you should give a neutral shade like white. You can paint Rapunzel figure with her castle and her long hair on the wall to make the room more magnificent.

From the article, you must be inspired to choose cartoon figure as the focal point in the room. Sponge Bob with yellow color is suitable for any gender room. But, for the girly room, Rapunzel is more recommended kids decoration ideas.