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Nursery Wall Murals Ideas Selected Few

Nursery wall murals ideas are many and various. A nursery, especially for new parents, is such an exciting room to design, and most people wouldn’t want it to be anything less than perfect. When the choices of nursery wall murals designs are too much, though, comes the confusion and frustration in choosing. Here we provide the selected few baby nursery wall murals ideas with the reason of why these were selected.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Nursery Wall Murals Ideas

One of the most important things to consider in choosing nursery wall murals ideas is what medium you want the mural to be. Painting the murals on the walls is the most expensive option, is hard to change and will take some time to work on. To use this option you need to be really sure about the artist’s ability and style, as there will be no way to back off but repaint once it’s done. The second choice is a little bit comforting, as the painting will be done on a medium to be then used as wallpaper. It leaves you with more choices, as you can commission artists from out of town or even country, and then you can have the wallpaper delivered after it’s done. The last choice is not less appealing but might not be so artistic, is by having printed mural wallpaper applied to the wall.

Another thing to consider before choosing nursery wall murals ideas is the color scheme of the room, especially if you’ve bought the furniture beforehand. The gender of the baby, the possibility of upcoming sibling and the room planning for when the baby’s grown up will affect your selection of the murals.

Creative Nursery Wall Murals Ideas

Although pink and blue might be an easy option for a theme, it is considered out of trend nowadays. Some themes like boats for blue and carrousel for pink can be used if it’s what you want, though. Both are soft colors and are easy on baby’s eyes. It is recommended that you use a lot of other colors in the nursery, so that your baby will learn to recognize colors once he or she is ready. Fairy tale, fairy forest or space themes are usually colorful and will be relevant to both genders up to their children days. Choose the ones with simpler details as not to confuse the baby’s view. Stuffed animals or teddy bears with alphabet or daily task learning instruction is great ideas for nursery wall murals ideas as well, as they will help with the child’s education once they grow up.