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Purple Bedroom Ideas 2012

Purple bedroom ideas are ideas that make your bedroom totally look so purple. For you girls, who love purple so much, you could die just seeing how cute bedroom can be when it’s decorate with purple color. Purple for some people is associated with dark color, mysterious and an old fashioned, but here, as time goes and people changed, they begin to think that purple is actually so elegant. You also can find purple as the new red color. The wedding parties by some couples recently used purple as their themes. You see? They do agree that purple is amazing color.

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Purple bedroom ideas for Girls

Female usually thinks that purple is such a cute color. Some of them selected purple bedroom ideas to decorated their bedroom. Especially the young girls, or we can called them as teenager girls, adore purple. Purple bedroom ideas for teenage girls are very easy can be got. Just look around you. Redecorate your bedrooms or your daughter’s rooms by take a look their stuffs on the room. Buy the new things with the old basic ideas. Here, I mean like, you have to buy new dustbin with purple color and throw away the printed motif dustbin. The bedcover, the most obvious thing on the room, have also to be changed with the new pone.

Purple bedroom ideas for mature women

While for the girls that are young and actives, they can have cartoon characters they like on their bedroom wallpaper or bedcover. But commonly, ideal purple bedroom ideas for women are something more classy and elegance. Buy at least flowered motif purple bedcover or just the pale purple. Do not try to buy anything too childish for the women’s rooms.

If you are bored with the pale purple, you can make it some variation by buying some printed purple motif carpet or wallpaper. Or maybe you can just think of other purple bedroom ideas.