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Russian Interior Design Changes

Russian interior design industry has seen a drastic change in the last few decades. After being free from the communist ideology in Soviet era, there are a lot of new rich people thanks to the production of oil and gas who haven’t got a clue of what to do with their money. The countries have seen a lot of fads come and go, from designer clothes, expensive watches, luxurious cars to fine arts. Nowadays interior designs have become the latest trend and you will see a lot of renovations being done all across the country.

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Russian Interior Design Now and Then

Once upon a time, Russian interior design is quite well-known in the world for its luxurious style with brocade and velvet. The traditional Russian interior design dated back to the Russian Empire era, but the Communist era had changed it completely. Gone were the palace-like individual homes, replaced by community living spaces that put up to five families in one small apartment. This living situation had changed the Russian interior design style to almost non-existent, replaced later by the uniformed style of the hideous ‘Euro remont’.

With the new-found riches, Russian interior design sees the light once again. Many young people studied overseas to become interior designers and new schools for interior designs are built all across the country. Experienced interior designers from all over the world showed up in Russia to answer the needs and teach their skills to the new generation. The only thing that seemed lacking in the scheme for now is skilled workers to do the job.

Adapting the New Russian Interior Design

Although interior design industry has found a new hope for the future, they have not yet to find a distinct style to reclaim the glory of the ages past. Most of the home designs are adapted from Italian design, with the clients seeking more from what they found on hotels and houses abroad. The transitional phase left the Russian homes look a lot like most Western homes, with some Russian touch like the fireplace and a samovar and decorations like Russian dolls, arts, pottery and rugs. The change in Russian interior design is certainly far from over yet and a more distinct style is still expected to be developed in the future.